Румяна Стоилова, Пол и стратификация. Влияние на социалния пол върху стратификацията в България след 1989 г.

Прочутата мисъл на Симон дьо Бовоар – „Една жена не се ражда жена. Тя става такава.” – е вдъхновила различни интерпретации, както поетични, докосващи се до фините струни на женското себеусещане, така …

Васил Видински – Ведрото на Нютон срещу дървото на Декарт. Въвеждане

Ведрото на Нютон срещу дървото на Декарт е детайлно, внимателно историко-философско изследване на мисълта на двете най-жалонни за формирането на модерната наука и научен светоглед фигури. Подобно на …

Качеството на висшето образование в национални и глобални контексти

Пред последните десетилетия полето на изследванията върху висшето образование толкова се разшири, че вече обхваща повече от 20 отделни дисциплини и няколко десетки специализирани списания. Тази научна …

Roumen Daskalov – From Stambolov to Zhivkov

Everyone who read Roumen Daskalov’s monograph about the Bulgarian Revival[1] must have been waiting impatiently for his new book, From Stambolov to Zhivkov. Major Debates in Modern Bulgarian Historiography Daskalov declares at the very beginning that he has written a history of Bulgarian historiography, or a history of Bulgarian historiographical discourse, where he is concerned not with the historical reality (the past) but with its historiographical representation (the history written about the past).

Iassen Zahariev – Minervas Donkey

ccording to a popular notion, philosophy in Bulgaria today is characterized primarily by the fact that it was highly ideologized for a long time and will take a long time to break with ideology. On the other hand, in Bulgaria history of philosophy holds a stronger position than original philosophical research.

Hristo Todorov – Work on Concepts

Work on Concepts covers a significant period of scientific work (the thirteen articles that make up this book were written from 1996 to 2010; one of them, ‘Work on Concepts’, is published here for the first time). In this book Hristo Todorov addresses a wide range of issues related to the central thematic motif: elucidating the uses of concepts in politics, science, and philosophy.

Childhood under Socialism

Maybe because of my own memories, I approached the book Childhood under Socialism expecting to find a happy childhood in it too. I was in that highly sentimental mood of remembering, best illustrated by propositions such as ‘Whatever childhood memories you may have, they are always nice, sweet and true!’ (to quote a comment from the visitors’ book of the Inventory Storehouse of Socialism exhibition, p. 173).

Milena Iakimova – Sofia of the Common People

My encounter with Milena Iakimova’s book coincided with my arrival in a new city. I read Sofia of the Common People in my first weeks in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while I was getting used to the strange sounds and colours in my new apartment, looking for a new kindergarten, picking out new foods in the store, memorizing the local traffic regulations, browsing a new library, meeting new people and learning the structure and rules of a new university.