Which media outlets and politicians most often spread hate speech in Bulgaria in the summer of 2018? And which are the most frequently used offensive terms?

The HSSF team has identified fifteen most frequently used vilifying epithets from the vocabulary of populist propaganda in Bulgaria. They are the following:

– Sorosoid (sorosoid)
– puppet (marionetachen)
– grant-sponger (grantadzhiya)
– protester (protestar)
– liberast (liberast)
– tolerast (tolerast)
– Eurogay (evrogey)
– un-Bulgarian (bezrodnik)
– sell-out (prodazhnik)
– freeloader (hrantutnik)
– yes-man (poslushko)
– genders (dzhendari)
– de-Bulgarification (obezbalgaryavane)  de-Bulgarization (debalgarizatsiya)
– Gypsization (tsiganizatsiya)

                 Bulgarian online space in the 1 June – 31 August 2018 period was researched simultaneously by two automated methods: first, with the SENSIKA system, which archives more than 3,500 Bulgarian-language websites and blogs, and second, by using Google’s advanced search operators. The two systems were instructed to search by keywords for articles and blog posts containing one or more of the fifteen epithets listed above. The results of the automated searches were augmented by an analysis of the content of the articles containing these epithets.





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