• Name: Milla Mineva
  • Email: mineva.milla@gmail.com
  • Position in HSSF: member
  • University positionAssistant professor, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski
Academic degrees and education

1999 MA in Cultural Studies, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

  • Books

2009 Guide 2020, Sofia: Economedia publishing house.
Sociology facing the differences, co-editor with prof. Stefanov, Sofia University Press.

  • Introductions and Articles

2009 Essay on the representations of the urban space or Sofia at postcard. In: Stefanov, I. and M. Mineva (eds.) Sociology facing the differences, Sofia: Sofia University Press.

2008 National as advertising repertoire. Critique and Humanism, 25.

2006 For the popular culture as a research temptation. In: Grekova, M and P. Kabakchieva (eds.) Beyond the disciplinary confinements. Sofia: Sofia University Press.

2006 Die sozialistische Alltagslebensweise. In: Richter, A and B. Beyer (eds.) Geschichte (ge-)brauchen, Berlin: Frank& Timme.

2006 Wild Longing for Capitalism. In: Birne, T and S. Goltz, C. Mennicke (eds.) Wild Capital, Nurnberg: Verlag fur moderne Kunst.

2005 Spaces of the City or an Essay on the Socialist Representations of Sofia in the 60-ies. Sociologicheski problemi, 1.

2004 The success story in Bulgarian media. In: Kabakchieva, P. and R. Avramov (eds.) “East”- “West” cultural encounters, Sofia: East – West Publishing House.

2003 Narratives on and Images of Socialist Consumption. Sociologicheski problemi, 1-2.

Fellowships and project participation

2008-2010 researcher in the project National as Public Repertoir

2008-2010 participant in the project Urban Studies – Interdisciplinary Researches for Young Scholars

2007 researcher in the project New Borders, New Identities?, funded by Faculty of Philosophy, Sofia University

2007-2009 researcher in the project Remembering Communism, funded by Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen

2006-2008 participant in the academic project Research Center for Social Sciences, funded by Ministry of Education

2006 research grant at OSA, Budapest.

2004-2006 researcher in the project Dioscouri, 6 FP of the EU.

2004 research grant Sofia as a Tourist Sight, Visual Seminar.

2003-2005 researcher in the project Cultural Patterns of European Enlargement, 5 FP of the EU.

2003-2004 member of the research team in the project: City in Transition, funded by the OSI, Sofia.

Research Interests

Historical sociology of communism; consumer culture; popular culture; urban studies.