Project name:

Challenges to Representative Democracy Today


Project type:

research project



18.12. 2008 – 18.06.2012




  • Interdisciplinary perspectives and methods for diagnostics of contemporary societies and for analysis of the normative dictionaries
  • Social critics today as a symptom in diagnostics of the representative democracy problems
  • Theoretical dictionary where the connections among citizenship, justice, legitimacy and sovereignty might be thought
  • Basic theoretical models and normative dictionaries of political and social theory


with the financial support of National Science Fund



  • Which are the main challenges to the representative democracy in the contemporary societies?
  • What are the meanings of justice in the contemporary societies?
  • The question concerning the legality and the (il)legitimacy of power in the contemporary societies
  • Social critics and civil society today
  • Citizenship and sovereignty in the contemporary societies: national and European contexts