Critique & Humanism, vol. 44, 1-2/2015

Theme of the issue: Critique of Ourselves? Foucault – current uses

Issue editors: Momchil Hristov and Lea Vajsova

Deadline for contributions: October 30th, 2015


The aim of this issue of Critique and Humanism is to invite the contributors to share their own uses of different tools from the Foucaultian toolkit, in order to demonstrate the political and analytical pertinence of Foucault’s works for our own present. Thus the main question the editors would like to suggest is: How does one work with Foucault’s conceptual instruments and how one could intervene into the present through them? To what extent are they themselves historical a priori of the critical social research today?
The issue editors are especially interested in articles on the following topics:
• Power relations and resistance;
• Government, governmentality, political rationality;
• Political techniques and technologies;
• Liberalism, Neoliberalism, Socialism;
• Disciplinary mechanisms and institutions;
• Biopower, biopolitics, security apparatuses;
• The body as a micropolitical construct;
• Gender and sexuality;
• Heterotopias;
• Discourse practices and formations;
• Subjectivity, subjectivation and techniques of the self.


Please send your contributions to: